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death of the Constitution
It is a shame that the liberal black robed Nazi's called the supreme court found it needed to take away what few rights we had left by passing Obummer care. Now the door is wide open to any and all things that the government may want to impose upon us.

First, the black robed Nazis defeated Arizona's law, their basic right to defend their state from illegal invasion (it is not illegal immigration, you can't immigrate illegally) so the great Obummer took away their rights by threatening the libs wearing black robes, just the same way he did these weak spined losers over his social healthcare now it is a tax.

why would those F,,ing morons change it to a tax so it would be legal. it is not their job to make law, just interpret it. here, they made law by changing it to a tax instead of what it was stated as, a penalty. if they had left it as is, it was illegal, so they thought it best to change it to a tax so it would be nice and legal.


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