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WWIII? A new World War? The Sleeping Giant?
It will be new in the sense that Russia has perfected their ability to create and direct weather, sever weather... By that I mean it is no secret that the USA and Russia have been working on the ability to create devastating weather as a weapon. The USA first tried to implement it in Vietnam to some minor success by seeding the clouds over the Ho-Chi-Min trail and causing torrential rains to fall.

Russia has beat us to the punch on this one though, they have really perfected the ability to launch severe weather as a weapon. I dreamed about this as follows. Inexplicably the USA is going to start having bizarre weather of the most sever kind, natural conditions such as earthquakes are included in this scenario.

When they are convinced that the USA is indeed suffering from these phenomena they will launch an invasion against the USA, and a battle will commence but it will be nothing like they expected. Instead of a quick take over of the USA; they will find themselves in a bloody battle and their men will be trying just to survive, this is in part due to the nature of the American people and their ability to come together to fight a common enemy.

Everybody and their brother will be crawling out of the woodwork, armed to the teeth, to fight the Russian invaders. This will go down as the bloodiest and most costly war that has ever been seen on this planet. we, the USA, will be badly hurt and we will lose tens of millions of people in this war, but we will be victorious, and woe be unto any poor Russian soldier that happens to be left to fend for himself at the end of the war. Those poor souls will be treated more badly than any human has been treated since the persecution of Christ.

Russia, I know you are coming, I am sure others do too. I should ask that you rethink this folly but I know that it will fall on deaf ears. You are a mighty force in this world, probably even more so than the USA, but this is a war that you can not win. You CAN NOT defeat the resolve of the American people and their will to be FREE. Listen to the past, when the Emperor of Japan tried to tell his war ministers NOT TO WAKE the SLEEPING GIANT... please take heed to this message and leave us be.

Or, bring it on. Like the Japanese in WWII, you will find the resolve of the American people to be unbreakable and unstoppable under any conditions or events, no matter how or when or where they may be manifest. Also, at least tell your soldiers not be get caught here, in the USA, when it is all over. I do not want to witness the cruelty of the people that will be left when they capture some poor Russian soul., a pawn that was left behind when the smoke cleared.

Last night I drew pictures of Anchorage Alaska, my home. I was standing on a far mountain, a place of safety and watched as the cloud of a nuclear bomb grew and bloomed in the heart of the city. All I could say was "OH My God". Know that he, God will not let us fall by the wayside. We are the Lost Tribe and our love for him and his people is also manifest and born in each and every one of us.

Peace unto you Russia, don't be led astray.


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