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WWIII -- World War 3 -- Prophecy
I have had a few prophecies in my life, I have shared them as well some I keep to myself. This is one of a World War that is going to happen soon; earliest is end of July this year, the latest is in August, probably the 27th next year;

before I post it, let me say I have read a lot of internet information from people discounting Russia's ability to wage a World war, a war in which they will take over this world. Those people are wrong, Russia uses the same philosophy as the fantasy/made up Borgs (in Star Trek) They will conquer and then assimilate the people that are left. There by growing their army to an immense size, larger than the one they launched in WWII, and it was the largest mobilized army in history.

Russia is going to stir the pot in the Balkan region, cause a lot of small fights to break out, and then they are going to go in and settle those fights. They will use this as a means to amass their first army of over 1 million, Russia has aprox... 1.5 mil troops, 60,000 tanks, half of them are the lighter T76, 70,000 armored vehicles, 28,000 artillery pieces, 80,000 rocket launchers this includes all even the RPG's, 18,000 mortars, a navy an airforce and an outer space force. Russia is not a push over they have used a lot of money building weapons and war material for the last decade or two. They are a force to be reckoned with. The thing they do best is assimilate, each country the beat grows their army immeasurably. Post Balkan's they will have 3 armies, very large armies and this is when the real war begins.

They are not alone, China is going to be an ally and they have their own objectives (countries) that they will take care of for Russia. Russia will swing one army North to the Swedish peninsular, this is going to be one of the bloodiest regions ion the war, not the bloodiest but one of them. another army will attack Great Britain, Germany that whole region and they will be successful, no one will live through that fighting or very few, they plan on completely destroying that region, leveling it to the ground.

The USA? yeah we will try and amass a force to help Europe but it's not happening. the third Russian army is going to attack the USA by land, sea and air, all shores and coasts, they are going to hit us hard. We are going to prevail, we will lose tens of millions of people army and civilian combined, our army will be very small when they are through with us. They are going to be defeated, completely killed off. the people here will not take prisoners or have trials, they will kill every Russian they can find by the end of the war, this is the BLOODIEST battle field of the war but we will survive.

This whole world war will only last months, less than a year total. In the end, Russia will hold all of Europe and eventually lose it because of its vast size. China will hold all of the middle East and India and more, they will keep what they have for a hundred years or more. They conquer the MIddle East by using stupid Muslims to fight for them, then they will exterminate them.

This is a vision of things to come; taje it how you want, I don't care believe it or not, I dn't care about that either.


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