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Democrat = socialist = 3rd world country
Once again we can thank the democrat party, you know, those socialist that are hiding in this country under the AKA of Democrat or it should be Democrap!
wake up see the joke the muslim pedophiles are making of the US court system, you know who I am talking about, the murderers that killed 3000 people on 9-11. THANKS DEMOCRATS!!!!! thank you again.

between the party and their good for nothing leader osama/obama they will manage to free or allow everyone that is housed at Gitmo to walk free and kill a few thousand more Americans. WATCH AND SEE!!!

They are enemy combatants at best and really TERRORIST, yes that word the Barak forbid anyone to use against his muslim brothers. They should have been taken out and shot, or better, take them to the top of the highest building in NY and toss them off the roof, oh and be sure you film it and send that film around the world for all TERRORIST to see. instead we have Barak, and he is the biggest sleeper agent in America or perhaps the world, given his way there would be no America for anyone to turn to in time of need, no base from which to feed the hungry or pipe billions a year into storm ravaged areas around the Globe. Throw a picture of a completely devastated America on a green screen and stand Barak in front of it and that is his vision for the good old USA.

You can tell by my post what I think of TERRORIST and THE DEMOCRAP party or should I say SOCIALIST party. when these retards try and pass and enforce agenda 21 or 9 or what ever agenda they are working on to disarm the people of the USA, then you will see a revolution, a new kind of civil war. Everyone knows that Clinton the crow is working hand over fist to g=allow the UN to make and enforce our gun laws right? don;t believe me, look it up, she is a busy little democrap socialist. go Hillary go!



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