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everyone in this country should be prepared for what ever may come this year, I mean everyone. If you men out there love your families, you should be stocking up on food, or those ration bars and water packs (you can find them on the net) because sometime this year the shit is going to hit the fan. there is going to be an economic melt down, or some shit holes like Iran and Venezuela, Turkey, N. Korea are going to start a nuclear war and the worl, including the good old USA are going to go to hell in a hand basket. All of you should be prepared for the worst.
1. you should have at least a month of food and water stored up. (preferably mainstay/datrex food and water type rations they last 5 years)
2. have a weapon and plenty of ammo stored. (a .22 and a 12 gauge shotgun cheap ones are ok) also have magnesium fire starters and candles and matches.
3. some first aid gear and antibiotics if you can get them, make your own first aid kit a big one.
4. store everything in back packs so you can just grab them and go, these are called BOB's bug out bags
5 if you can have a place to go out of town, a bug out location, a BOL. if not then be prepared to barricade in your house, because the people outside are going to want what you have and are going to come and take it. Burn you out if they have to to get it... so leave if you can...

Most of all, please be prepared, every store in America has the same answer, if you ask them how many shipments they have to miss for their shelves to start being empty? the answer is "1"

please PREPARE for you and your family sake, especially if you have children, don't stay in town, leave on foot if you have to... look at the maps and pre-determine a path you can take to get out of town, even if you have to walk through the sewers to do it, just so you can safely get you and your kids out of the city and then hide... and stay hidden.
once in the woods and forest you can throw a makeshiftshelter together.
now is the time to start looking at the prepper sites and get the information on how to put these temp shelters together.


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