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America Invaded?
Could America be invaded? I think it could and I think it could be done so in this day and age by a triad of countries and the thought scares the hell out of me. We have a new player on the field in N. Korea, a young in bred idiot runs the country now, 27 years old and dumber than my small dog. Let's say Russia, China, and N. Korea decided to work together, they would be more than capable of invading our small country. China, with an army the size of a country in the tens of millions strong. all armed, they have tens of thousands of tanks, missiles, an air-force, a navy, and nukes. so does Russia. Korea has a lot less of these but they do have an army to throw into the fight, a mindless army of killers willing to die for the 27 year old nut job.

If they were to try, no doubt they would strike Alaska first, take the pipe line, all the fuel, they need to to supply their massive army of vehicle. plus they can knock out our missile defense system and our large air-force bases that reside up here. Where else would they strike? not sure, but at least two more place at the same time. possibly the South heading North, and then the North east maybe even Washington DC area, who knows how they plan it.

the whole idea is scary to me, but it is possible, especially in this day and age of economic woe, Europe is in hell as is much of the world and all of the world hates us, the good old USA is a whipping boy and we better watch out, that's all I got to say, we better keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground.



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