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I am afraid that very few Americans have really prepared themselves for the coming times, the hardships that are no doubt going to befall this once great country of ours. I think we are going to be thrust back into a time of great hardships, a time of fighting like no one in this country has seen before. Our generations have grown so weak and needy, none of the current people, men and women have had to struggle for anything they have, none of them have had to really fight for anything. In this age of non competition, everyone gets a trophy we have made a country of, well to be very blunt... pansies and pussies.... I wouldn;t wipe my ass with the lot of them.

That does not mean there is no hope! there is, when it happens, be it an invasion from the Chinese (they could do it easily) they have an army totaling more than our whole population and nuclear weapons to boot. and if they sided with Russia, or N. Korea, or if they all three got together; hell we are screwed, end of the story... we do not have anything to fear from the Middle east, they are nothing, no threat at all only to their neighbors.

The vast majority of Americans would die like flies, millions would die in a few days, within a couple weeks 3/4 of the population would be dead from bullets, bombs, disease, starvation, and what have you, all the ill prepared would be gone. after that with in the next month of the remaining 1/4 th, half of them would be killed, more than likely be the invaders while trying to steal food or weapons or what ever they needed to survive, or when they tried to reason with the invaders, thinking the invaders gave a shit.

those that are left, the ones that are actually prepared for this end world scenario are the ones that are going to make it for a long time. ot start with they will hide and hold on to what they have. they will keep their heads down and stay out of sight, hidden in their remote places, out of sight and out of mind of the invaders. then slowly by the end of a year they will start to find other people and join into small groups, making small tactical units that will make plans to hit the invaders where it hurts.

there will be ambushes, raids, supplies will disappear, and there will be sniping and disruptions and a small American force will slowly start to rise again all across America. It will take many decades, decades upon decades before the Americans eventually retake what was once theirs and they become a Nation again. After that We will be a true America again, a strong America with no free rides, and no hand outs and built upon competition and the will to succeed.

I don't relish the thought of those Dark years But I do think they will come to pass. How many countries have been the world super power? Britain, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Germany, japan, and a few more... how many countries have lost that status? ALL OF THEM! Now we are the Super power, what do you think is going to happen? want to guess?


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