stealing an election
with the latest purchases by the DHS, we can be assured that obummer plans on stealing an election cycle he can not win...
they just purchased 700 lbs sodium nitrate (fetilizer for bombs) 70,000 rounds of ammo and 7,000 new rifles. what for? we all know the answer, because they plan on blowing up a few buildings and killing a lot of people, you know, create a bad enough situation to cancel elections... that is their plan, it is obvious and why no one is reporting this crap amazes me.

death of the Constitution
It is a shame that the liberal black robed Nazi's called the supreme court found it needed to take away what few rights we had left by passing Obummer care. Now the door is wide open to any and all things that the government may want to impose upon us.

First, the black robed Nazis defeated Arizona's law, their basic right to defend their state from illegal invasion (it is not illegal immigration, you can't immigrate illegally) so the great Obummer took away their rights by threatening the libs wearing black robes, just the same way he did these weak spined losers over his social healthcare now it is a tax.

why would those F,,ing morons change it to a tax so it would be legal. it is not their job to make law, just interpret it. here, they made law by changing it to a tax instead of what it was stated as, a penalty. if they had left it as is, it was illegal, so they thought it best to change it to a tax so it would be nice and legal.

WWIII? A new World War? The Sleeping Giant?
It will be new in the sense that Russia has perfected their ability to create and direct weather, sever weather... By that I mean it is no secret that the USA and Russia have been working on the ability to create devastating weather as a weapon. The USA first tried to implement it in Vietnam to some minor success by seeding the clouds over the Ho-Chi-Min trail and causing torrential rains to fall.

Russia has beat us to the punch on this one though, they have really perfected the ability to launch severe weather as a weapon. I dreamed about this as follows. Inexplicably the USA is going to start having bizarre weather of the most sever kind, natural conditions such as earthquakes are included in this scenario.

When they are convinced that the USA is indeed suffering from these phenomena they will launch an invasion against the USA, and a battle will commence but it will be nothing like they expected. Instead of a quick take over of the USA; they will find themselves in a bloody battle and their men will be trying just to survive, this is in part due to the nature of the American people and their ability to come together to fight a common enemy.

Everybody and their brother will be crawling out of the woodwork, armed to the teeth, to fight the Russian invaders. This will go down as the bloodiest and most costly war that has ever been seen on this planet. we, the USA, will be badly hurt and we will lose tens of millions of people in this war, but we will be victorious, and woe be unto any poor Russian soldier that happens to be left to fend for himself at the end of the war. Those poor souls will be treated more badly than any human has been treated since the persecution of Christ.

Russia, I know you are coming, I am sure others do too. I should ask that you rethink this folly but I know that it will fall on deaf ears. You are a mighty force in this world, probably even more so than the USA, but this is a war that you can not win. You CAN NOT defeat the resolve of the American people and their will to be FREE. Listen to the past, when the Emperor of Japan tried to tell his war ministers NOT TO WAKE the SLEEPING GIANT... please take heed to this message and leave us be.

Or, bring it on. Like the Japanese in WWII, you will find the resolve of the American people to be unbreakable and unstoppable under any conditions or events, no matter how or when or where they may be manifest. Also, at least tell your soldiers not be get caught here, in the USA, when it is all over. I do not want to witness the cruelty of the people that will be left when they capture some poor Russian soul., a pawn that was left behind when the smoke cleared.

Last night I drew pictures of Anchorage Alaska, my home. I was standing on a far mountain, a place of safety and watched as the cloud of a nuclear bomb grew and bloomed in the heart of the city. All I could say was "OH My God". Know that he, God will not let us fall by the wayside. We are the Lost Tribe and our love for him and his people is also manifest and born in each and every one of us.

Peace unto you Russia, don't be led astray.

WWIII -- World War 3 -- Prophecy
I have had a few prophecies in my life, I have shared them as well some I keep to myself. This is one of a World War that is going to happen soon; earliest is end of July this year, the latest is in August, probably the 27th next year;

before I post it, let me say I have read a lot of internet information from people discounting Russia's ability to wage a World war, a war in which they will take over this world. Those people are wrong, Russia uses the same philosophy as the fantasy/made up Borgs (in Star Trek) They will conquer and then assimilate the people that are left. There by growing their army to an immense size, larger than the one they launched in WWII, and it was the largest mobilized army in history.

Russia is going to stir the pot in the Balkan region, cause a lot of small fights to break out, and then they are going to go in and settle those fights. They will use this as a means to amass their first army of over 1 million, Russia has aprox... 1.5 mil troops, 60,000 tanks, half of them are the lighter T76, 70,000 armored vehicles, 28,000 artillery pieces, 80,000 rocket launchers this includes all even the RPG's, 18,000 mortars, a navy an airforce and an outer space force. Russia is not a push over they have used a lot of money building weapons and war material for the last decade or two. They are a force to be reckoned with. The thing they do best is assimilate, each country the beat grows their army immeasurably. Post Balkan's they will have 3 armies, very large armies and this is when the real war begins.

They are not alone, China is going to be an ally and they have their own objectives (countries) that they will take care of for Russia. Russia will swing one army North to the Swedish peninsular, this is going to be one of the bloodiest regions ion the war, not the bloodiest but one of them. another army will attack Great Britain, Germany that whole region and they will be successful, no one will live through that fighting or very few, they plan on completely destroying that region, leveling it to the ground.

The USA? yeah we will try and amass a force to help Europe but it's not happening. the third Russian army is going to attack the USA by land, sea and air, all shores and coasts, they are going to hit us hard. We are going to prevail, we will lose tens of millions of people army and civilian combined, our army will be very small when they are through with us. They are going to be defeated, completely killed off. the people here will not take prisoners or have trials, they will kill every Russian they can find by the end of the war, this is the BLOODIEST battle field of the war but we will survive.

This whole world war will only last months, less than a year total. In the end, Russia will hold all of Europe and eventually lose it because of its vast size. China will hold all of the middle East and India and more, they will keep what they have for a hundred years or more. They conquer the MIddle East by using stupid Muslims to fight for them, then they will exterminate them.

This is a vision of things to come; taje it how you want, I don't care believe it or not, I dn't care about that either.

Democrat = socialist = 3rd world country
Once again we can thank the democrat party, you know, those socialist that are hiding in this country under the AKA of Democrat or it should be Democrap!
wake up see the joke the muslim pedophiles are making of the US court system, you know who I am talking about, the murderers that killed 3000 people on 9-11. THANKS DEMOCRATS!!!!! thank you again.

between the party and their good for nothing leader osama/obama they will manage to free or allow everyone that is housed at Gitmo to walk free and kill a few thousand more Americans. WATCH AND SEE!!!

They are enemy combatants at best and really TERRORIST, yes that word the Barak forbid anyone to use against his muslim brothers. They should have been taken out and shot, or better, take them to the top of the highest building in NY and toss them off the roof, oh and be sure you film it and send that film around the world for all TERRORIST to see. instead we have Barak, and he is the biggest sleeper agent in America or perhaps the world, given his way there would be no America for anyone to turn to in time of need, no base from which to feed the hungry or pipe billions a year into storm ravaged areas around the Globe. Throw a picture of a completely devastated America on a green screen and stand Barak in front of it and that is his vision for the good old USA.

You can tell by my post what I think of TERRORIST and THE DEMOCRAP party or should I say SOCIALIST party. when these retards try and pass and enforce agenda 21 or 9 or what ever agenda they are working on to disarm the people of the USA, then you will see a revolution, a new kind of civil war. Everyone knows that Clinton the crow is working hand over fist to g=allow the UN to make and enforce our gun laws right? don;t believe me, look it up, she is a busy little democrap socialist. go Hillary go!


WWIII (Hypothetical)
The way things are shaping up over seas, in particular in the middle east, we are running full speed toward World War 3. Iran is the hot spot and they are constantly taunting the USA and Israel, trying to get either one to make a mistake and kill some Iranian soldiers somewhere, the Gulf or in Syria they don't care where. The Reason? because Russia and China have stated that they would back Iran militarily if we, meaning the USA attacked Iran. Well that's a problem, because we are going to attack them.

In the spring, Israel is going to have to attack Iran because the nut job leader of their will have a Nuke and he will use it to wipe Israel off the map just like he has said a hundred times in public. When Israel attacks, their ally's, us will back them up. The problem I see is that we are going to get wrapped up in the middle East, send a lot of troops and equipment over there, I mean a lot. Then sneaky Russia and China along with all those Iranian troops that have been being shipped to Venezuela will attack the USA, yep an Invasion.

We can hold them off I think, the southern US states will be wiped out though, with the Mexican army, Hugo's army and the Iranians coming across thew Mexican border that will be a hell of a fight and the civilians down there will be screwed. Russia and China will land in the mainland USA, north east, west, north west. They better remember that all of us are armed, so it ain't going to be no picnic for them. once they kill of the Libs, pacifist and tree huggers it's going to get real nasty, real fast.

Long live the good old USA.

everyone in this country should be prepared for what ever may come this year, I mean everyone. If you men out there love your families, you should be stocking up on food, or those ration bars and water packs (you can find them on the net) because sometime this year the shit is going to hit the fan. there is going to be an economic melt down, or some shit holes like Iran and Venezuela, Turkey, N. Korea are going to start a nuclear war and the worl, including the good old USA are going to go to hell in a hand basket. All of you should be prepared for the worst.
1. you should have at least a month of food and water stored up. (preferably mainstay/datrex food and water type rations they last 5 years)
2. have a weapon and plenty of ammo stored. (a .22 and a 12 gauge shotgun cheap ones are ok) also have magnesium fire starters and candles and matches.
3. some first aid gear and antibiotics if you can get them, make your own first aid kit a big one.
4. store everything in back packs so you can just grab them and go, these are called BOB's bug out bags
5 if you can have a place to go out of town, a bug out location, a BOL. if not then be prepared to barricade in your house, because the people outside are going to want what you have and are going to come and take it. Burn you out if they have to to get it... so leave if you can...

Most of all, please be prepared, every store in America has the same answer, if you ask them how many shipments they have to miss for their shelves to start being empty? the answer is "1"

please PREPARE for you and your family sake, especially if you have children, don't stay in town, leave on foot if you have to... look at the maps and pre-determine a path you can take to get out of town, even if you have to walk through the sewers to do it, just so you can safely get you and your kids out of the city and then hide... and stay hidden.
once in the woods and forest you can throw a makeshiftshelter together.
now is the time to start looking at the prepper sites and get the information on how to put these temp shelters together.

America Invaded?
Could America be invaded? I think it could and I think it could be done so in this day and age by a triad of countries and the thought scares the hell out of me. We have a new player on the field in N. Korea, a young in bred idiot runs the country now, 27 years old and dumber than my small dog. Let's say Russia, China, and N. Korea decided to work together, they would be more than capable of invading our small country. China, with an army the size of a country in the tens of millions strong. all armed, they have tens of thousands of tanks, missiles, an air-force, a navy, and nukes. so does Russia. Korea has a lot less of these but they do have an army to throw into the fight, a mindless army of killers willing to die for the 27 year old nut job.

If they were to try, no doubt they would strike Alaska first, take the pipe line, all the fuel, they need to to supply their massive army of vehicle. plus they can knock out our missile defense system and our large air-force bases that reside up here. Where else would they strike? not sure, but at least two more place at the same time. possibly the South heading North, and then the North east maybe even Washington DC area, who knows how they plan it.

the whole idea is scary to me, but it is possible, especially in this day and age of economic woe, Europe is in hell as is much of the world and all of the world hates us, the good old USA is a whipping boy and we better watch out, that's all I got to say, we better keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground.


I am afraid that very few Americans have really prepared themselves for the coming times, the hardships that are no doubt going to befall this once great country of ours. I think we are going to be thrust back into a time of great hardships, a time of fighting like no one in this country has seen before. Our generations have grown so weak and needy, none of the current people, men and women have had to struggle for anything they have, none of them have had to really fight for anything. In this age of non competition, everyone gets a trophy we have made a country of, well to be very blunt... pansies and pussies.... I wouldn;t wipe my ass with the lot of them.

That does not mean there is no hope! there is, when it happens, be it an invasion from the Chinese (they could do it easily) they have an army totaling more than our whole population and nuclear weapons to boot. and if they sided with Russia, or N. Korea, or if they all three got together; hell we are screwed, end of the story... we do not have anything to fear from the Middle east, they are nothing, no threat at all only to their neighbors.

The vast majority of Americans would die like flies, millions would die in a few days, within a couple weeks 3/4 of the population would be dead from bullets, bombs, disease, starvation, and what have you, all the ill prepared would be gone. after that with in the next month of the remaining 1/4 th, half of them would be killed, more than likely be the invaders while trying to steal food or weapons or what ever they needed to survive, or when they tried to reason with the invaders, thinking the invaders gave a shit.

those that are left, the ones that are actually prepared for this end world scenario are the ones that are going to make it for a long time. ot start with they will hide and hold on to what they have. they will keep their heads down and stay out of sight, hidden in their remote places, out of sight and out of mind of the invaders. then slowly by the end of a year they will start to find other people and join into small groups, making small tactical units that will make plans to hit the invaders where it hurts.

there will be ambushes, raids, supplies will disappear, and there will be sniping and disruptions and a small American force will slowly start to rise again all across America. It will take many decades, decades upon decades before the Americans eventually retake what was once theirs and they become a Nation again. After that We will be a true America again, a strong America with no free rides, and no hand outs and built upon competition and the will to succeed.

I don't relish the thought of those Dark years But I do think they will come to pass. How many countries have been the world super power? Britain, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Germany, japan, and a few more... how many countries have lost that status? ALL OF THEM! Now we are the Super power, what do you think is going to happen? want to guess?

no matter what the polls say, the right wing media screams Mitt is ahead in the polls. Hell today I saw a poll on fox news that showed Gengrich with 40% and Mitt with 23% and every damn radio show (all right wing) all day screaming how far ahead in the polls Mitt was. what polls are they looking at. maybe they have their own little pools that they take and paste them over the tv screen so it looks like Mitt is always ahead to them.

I say again. The RIGHT WING MEDIA has been more caustic to the GOP race this time around than the left wing media and that is shameful. the only two that have been true are Hannity and Rush.


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