Fox News Right wing media
fox news, and the rest of the right wing media have been more caustic to Herman Cains race for the white house than the Left wing media, I never thought I would see Fox i such a search and destroy mode, but they are and have been, They are hell bent on having their Mitt boy be the niminee, because despite all the crap they spew about being different, they love big government too. Mitt is a Rhino, he is as bad as any Dem in the white house right now..., Fox doesn't even back Newt and that is a crying shame.

Hey Fox, The American right made you, and the American right will break you!!! don't forget that!

Herman you hang in there

I still say, if Mitt is the nominee, the Republican party is through, this will be their last year as an effective party and we, the real conservatives, will start our own party next time around

Lights over Phoenix UFO
After everyone in the country saw how the US government, city, state and local government agencies laughed all of the thousands of witnesses off as a bunch of kooks! is it any wonder that NO one trusts the government, and government is all inclusive, all the way down to the lowest office in the smallest town.

That fake governors investigation made thousands of people, men, women, and children (all of whom saw the lights with their own eyes) feel like a bunch of morons, they and all of Americans were laughed at and ridiculed on national TV. National, because every station everywhere carried that story!!!

Those officials, all the government should be ashamed of it's self for treating the American public like a bunch of idiots. We are the ones that elect these people, when they do not answer our questions on a matter that everyone knows was a real event, we should be able to immediately FIRE those officials, throw them out of office immediately! then re-elect some one that will listen to the people.

I really despise a government that defies the will of the people, that ignores the peoples request, a reasonable request to investigate something that happened in front of thousands of witnesses!

LIGHTS OVER PHOENIX;;;; you people, and the rest of us deserve an answer!!!

With any luck wont be a damn politician... it will be Herman Cain and the Vice will be Newt. that will be a hell of a ticket by any means. WE conservative Americans, Tea Party conservatives and independent conservative voters do and will not have another politician sitting in the white house as our leader. If one is in there next term, he will be there without our support and that is a fact. The RNC and GOP have hand picked Romney to be their boy from the get go, little did they know that we did not want any part of the rhino politician. And the libs, do they think we are so stupid when they keep up their bull shit, telling everyone that only Romney has a chance against Obama, that is exactly who they want to run against Obama, because they know for a fact that Obama will clean the floor with Romney.

Truth be told!... They democrats, the Libs in the country and especially the ones in power are scared to death of Herman Cain. They know that he is the only man that can beat Obama, and they also know that Cain would beat him in a landslide like this country hasn't seen in the last 50 years. It will be a clear cut victory with no recounts and no mistake.


The dumb as GOP just does not get it, they are hell bent to try and run Romney on the ticket, they don't want to hear anything about anyone else, they don't care what the polls say, what the people say, what the candidates say, they want Romney and by GOD that is who they are going to run come hell or high water.

I will tell you this, if they do, they are through as a party in this country, they will no longer be an effective party, the true conservatives will abandon their ass and leave them and start their won party and that will be the end of that.

Cain is the person that the people want, every poll shows it, everyone is screaming it and the GOP is ignoring it, just like they did when they chose Mccaine, none of the real conservatives wanted that man to run, not because he wasn't a good man, but because he could not win, he wasn't an articulate dynamic player for the interest of the people of the party, the true conservatives.

the true conservatives are going to take back this country one way or the other, and the GOP be damned!

CT Killers and Killers in gerneral
you know, we hear all the sob stories of these sick individuals after they destroy someones life, how they were abused as children etc, etc, SO WHAT!!!!! what the hell does that have to do with what they did to someone else life? take the CT killer, his sorry ass dad on the stand pleading for the life of a worthless piece of shit that should have been taken out and killed when he was young, this is a testament to the way he was raised by that father and mother. his dad is a liberal lawyer, and I am sure he got away with everything he ever did in his whole life, dear old dad was there to bail him out of all his trouble,

Now the piece of shit tied two little girls up in their beds, oh after he raped them, poured fuel in them and lit the house on fire and burned them alive. who should die for this? probably the father and the son, one, the father for raising such a demon and for being such a sorry excuse for a father, and definitely the son.

they should hire me to put him to death. I would tie him up, ram a broom stick up his ass, pour gas on him and flick a match on his sorry ass and let the father watch the whole thing. that would be justice, and eye for an eye, that would give that little piece of shit time to think about what those poor little girls went through before they died.

we should not have to house, feed, and take care of animals. that includes; rapist, pedophiles, murderers, arson's or anyone that kills an innocent person in a such a horrible manner. these monsters should be labeled monsters, taken out, shot in the head and buried i the local landfill with the rest of the garbage.

just me thoughts on the state of the USA

will the Gov. ever get it???
I doubt it! I had a friend from Morocco once, Aziz was his name. He told me what the Muslims think about American thought and kindness, not that I did not already know it. He said American's open a door for someone out of kindness, and a Muslim sees it as a weakness, that's all they see it as, no matter how you explain, no matter how educated they are, no matter what, American's are weak because we care and they are strong because they don't. Period, end of the story...

We have Iran plot to kill someone on our soil, right near the capitol I am sure hoping to take a few rotten American dogs along with the target also and what is our response? our good for nothing commander and chief sternly tells them they shouldn't do that, WOW, I bet the were afraid to go to bed that night... I know that would have scared me to death... We should have sent a stealth bomber over there and dropped a few hundred pounds of bombs on his palace. seriously who in the world would do anything about it? who? Iran? they can't do anything they have no army, no navy, no air force, no one else in the world would do anything, hel;l we support the whole damned world with our cash, I mean the people of the united states cash that the pres spends like its his.

I will be so damned happy when he is defeated in 2012 we have to get that piece of shit anti Israel man out of the white house in the coming election cycle, God bless Israel

Israel, hold on and we will be back with you as soon as we can, 2012 is not far away and we will be behind you 100% again, and the rest of the middle east can go to hell, oh they are already there, they are all antiu American, anti Israeli thugs, now Qaddafi is gone and they have 20,000 surface to air missiles thanks to pres Obama. Israel should send him a thank you card for that... all the planes that get shot down are on his head...

our 2012 armory is complete
well, we have finally finished building our armory; it is complete. our family is well armed for the future no matter what the future may hold, and if the future is peaceful then we have a lot of fun at the range; we have enough of an armory to defend ourselves should the need ever arise. We are well equipt for food, meds, ammo, and anything else that we need. Our next project is building our safe place this coming summer, its in the middle of nowhere, remote, safe, hidden. and as an aside it makes a great hunting cabin should we never need it for anything else.

next , this fall we will build our to go packs, they will cost about $200 each but at least I will know whats in each one, I will need three of them, then I will make one for the truck, a heavier one with some extras in it, if we are able to take a truck with us.

we have guns to go packs, they are belts with two canteens 2 days rations and pouches with specific ammo loads already in them for each person to just grab and strap on. each person already knows what weapons they are to grab, and we have practiced all summer, the kids love to shoot and they are pretty good with a gun, any gun. Makes me feel good to have taught them well about survival even if we never use the skills they will know how to survive when I am gone.

Maybe, God will spare us (the world) I don;t know why he would? we as a world have forsaken him, he owes us nothing so we deserve to slip into decay and anarchy.

we need a new law
every time I see the news about some freak killing a whole family or slaughtering some innocent little kid I burn with anger because they always end the story with the fact that the freak was already in prison once or twice. so some liberal judge let the killer go free, or some sympathetic weepy eyed group of people felt sorry for him and let him out of prison early and he killed again, WOW, big surprise.

what we need is a new law. if a judge wants to let a killer go free, make the judge let that killer live with him for a year in house arrest of something, same with the sympathetic idiots in prison that let them go. if you want to free a killer, let him watch your kids for a week or two while you are at work, let's see just how much you think he changed.

Then today I see another Islam freak wanting to blow something up with a remote control airplane. they should have dragged that 22 year old peace of shit out in the front yard, put a pistol to the back of his head and pulled the trigger. that would send a clear message to all the Muslim terrorists exactly what we will do to them when we catch them, home grown or not. and after you shoot the peace of shit, throw is body in the city dump with the rest of the garbage where it belongs.

We are too soft, we should not be locking up these brutal killers, we should catch them, and kill them. you can't treat them, or fix them, or rehabilitate them, they are animals and you dispose of bad animals. I personally think that a killer should be put to death the same way they kill. if you cut someones throat, they should cut your damn throat, if you choke them or drown them that's what should happen to you, an eye for an eye and our crime rate would drop to ZERO in about two weeks. Same with these stinking DUI's give me a break, 6 DUI's, cut his damn foot of after two and he won't get three I bet you money he won't do it again... There are ways to stop all the bullshit but we need to get hard and mean because the liberal bastards have almost completely morally destroyed this country in just a few decades.

look at the morals I have for writing my feelings, 30 years ago I would never have thought of such horrible things... I pray God helps us, We are the lost tribe of Israel, believe me and we are about to be found by Iran.

shooting range
My son and I went shooting our newest addition to the armory, our Mosin nagant 91/30's.
we were both pleasantly surprised, the recoil was light, the rifles worked like well oiled machines and we had a blast. These rifles performed so well I smiled all day... we shot nice groups, my 16 year old son out shot me, I am claiming bad eye sight as an excuse though. His groups were a lot better than mine, needless to say, I wouldn't want him shooting at me at any distance, I guess all those first person shooter he plays are paying off.

all this is good, he's a great shot, and he can protect my ass when I need it. should the world go to hell, he will be my, hell yeah... even my 12 year old daughter can shoot, she shot a 22 cal rifle and put them all in a pie plate, and that's not bad either.

now we have only a couple more weapons to buy.
My son wants a mossberg model 590, I want a 500, so we'll get one of the two.
also we need one AK-47, and three 32acp, or 7.62x25 semi auto pistols.

enough for now,
pay attention, 2012 is not far away, we are getting some wierd natural events already in the USA, keeps you eyes and ears open. May be nothing, may be something, no matter everyone should be prepared anyway right...

Syria is a bomb
I believe that the Syrian rebels or what ever they want to call themselves are in for a surprise. Quadafee (spelling) is crazy and a madman, but he could get all of these rebels into his city, and it has been his city forever and then just blow the whole damn thing up. He is just crazy enough to Nuke the whole of Tripoli once the city is full of celebrating rebels, thousands and thousands of rebeles all in onw little place and he pushes the button and Nukes the whole lot in one bang. That sounds just like him, that is something he would do, that is his MO by any acounts, were I an Amnerican reporter, I would get the hell out of there.

On another account, these rebeles are nothing but Islamic radicals that we are supporting, we did it before in Afghanastan and Iraq, then one of these nut jobs takes over and we hear the same old shit "Kill the beast, Kill the Americans" the samne ones that basically armed the,m and gave them there country back, we, I mean our Government is STUPID, what a bunch of morons, why support thoise shit bag countries that hate us, somehow they think "oh, we'll help them and they will ike us now" Bullshit!!! they hate us and always have and always will. we have one ally in the midlle east and that is Isreal and once we have another election we will get a president that is friendly to the Isrealies again, the one we got blatantly shows his hate for the Isrealies, no doubt!!!

Syrian rebels, I dont like you, but you better not discount that monster you are dealing with, monsters kill people, especially people that piss them off!!! beware Qadaffee, he will bite you in the ass!!!


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